New precautions follow holiday break as respiratory illnesses sweep through Michigan
The Education Trust-Midwest report offers recommendations for improving academic performance in Michigan schools
The proposal doesn’t have a clear political path after Democrats won full control of the state legislature in November
Plans would go beyond task force’s recommendations, which center on mental health and building security
Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men was among Detroit’s numerous alternative schools, created in the 1980s as a solution to poor grades and attendance among some of the city’s youth.
Chalkbeat Detroit will pay close attention to chronic absenteeism, because high rates in communities like Detroit are hurting pandemic recovery efforts
The judge’s ruling only applies to the Rochester school district case, but some worry it could be used more broadly to shield the public from records produced by lower-level government employees.
State funded preschool program struggles to compete for workers as private-sector wages rise
Perriel Pace talks about her mission and how she used her voice on the district school board
Some discover too late that their school work didn’t count toward a diploma
Illya Tolbert, the art teacher at Bates Academy in Detroit, says he wants the students he teaches to have exposure to various art forms.
Advocates now have to navigate a crowded legislative agenda as Democrats take power in Lansing

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Democrats, who will soon control the legislature, could revise or repeal the Read by Grade 3 law
Shortening teacher preparation programs will save MSU students $16,700 in tuition and get them into teaching jobs faster.
Expect no flurry of education bills as the GOP majority’s time runs out
Detroit officials aren’t closing schools yet, but they’re asking parents to monitor their children’s social media use.
Superintendent outlines plans to spend the billionaire’s gift on tutoring in literacy and math, pending board approval
The discussion about changing names is part of a broader effort to revisit decisions made during the time the district was overseen by state appointed emergency managers.
Duggan administration shelves a planned $6 million investment in child care infrastructure for other priorities
Many Michigan school races were unusually combative, stoking fears that hyper-partisan discourse would interrupt the essential workings of local boards.
Tuesday’s winners all aimed to continue the district’s ongoing reform efforts to address poor academic achievement and chronic absenteeism.
The sweep in Tuesday’s election means Democrats will maintain a strong majority on the board
Here are the latest results for the Detroit Public Schools Community District’s school board election.
Winfrey most recently served as head of community outreach for the Detroit Public Schools Community District, a role that benefited from his years forging connections with city residents.
Families typically try their best to get kids to school, interviews with parents and researchers show. If you know why absenteeism remains high, we want to hear your story.
Schools have gotten little help addressing a problem that is far bigger than them, experts say, one whose roots lie in society-wide failures of housing, employment, and public health.
Former Detroit school board president Iris Taylor’s campaign has raised the second-largest amount.
Did Dixon say kids can’t get COVID? Are children failing reading under Whitmer’s watch? As Election Day approaches, Chalkbeat looks into the candidates’ claims about each other.
The study findings are significant for Michigan, which has robust school choice policies but no rules to ensure that students have school options in their own neighborhoods.
Republican candidate built a six-figure campaign war chest for Michigan school board race
More than 75% of Michigan students headed to in-state colleges and universities will be eligible