Supporters say the program would empower parents, but critics say the scholarships could undermine traditional public schools
The Detroit board extended the tutoring contract with Beyond Basics, modified the student code of conduct and approved academic calendar.
Supporters of the new rules say they will limit the influence of for-profit charter school management companies.
Educators say TRAILS program will help students recover from pandemic-related disruptions.
Here’s where incumbent Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Republican challenger Tudor Dixon stand on key education issues.
Some critics argue that private schools should not receive COVID relief money
The candidates are competing in a very tight race to battle incumbent Gretchen Whitmer in November.
Parents, former educators, and incumbents are among the candidates running for four open seats on the Detroit school board in the Nov. 8 general election.
The head of the Detroit teachers union said his members are fine with the lifting of the mandate, for now
Longtime literacy advocate Rachel Vitti left her position as a director with Beyond Basics in the wake of criticism from some education advocates
Their tour is spotlighting learning programs funded through federal COVID relief measures
This spring, Upper Peninsula educator Nanette Hanson was named Michigan’s Teacher of the Year for 2022-23. Read how the honoree has prioritized communities and parents during her over 25 years of teaching.
Districts’ new financial freedom could allow officials to focus more on educational priorities such as academics and teacher pay, or on reviving depleted elective programs
Superintendent Nikolai Vitti faces questions on the district’s choices on tutoring programs
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Michigan parents have until Aug. 5 to apply to be on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s new council. One Republican calls it a gimmick.
Whitmer signed a $19.6 billion budget that includes $1.9 billion for services for students with disabilities. It also funds mental health, school safety, and recruitment efforts.
I never learned about Stonewall. It’s past time schools take queer history and culture seriously.
Bills on teaching race, paying student teachers, creating dyslexia programs were awaiting action
School security and the teacher pension system are also among the winners in a year of budget surplus
The failed resolution will likely be back before the Detroit school board in July
The department’s guidance is not binding on districts, but it may influence their approach to negotiations with parents of students with disabilities.
The package contains minor procedural fixes and major changes in how the state supports small, home-based providers.
Districts have once again beefed up their summer programming, from credit recovery to camps focused on robotics and sports.
Children and teens are increasingly online. Librarians and media specialists can help them sort fact from fiction.
High school students in Highland Park have had to enroll in Detroit and nearby suburban schools
The board heard calls from teachers and members of the public for tighter safety standards in light of national and local incidents of weapons in schools and social media threats.
Lawmakers also consider subsidizing tuition for education majors who agree to stay in Michigan
Expected hot weather prompted the Detroit Public Schools Community District’s superintendent to preemptively call for early dismissals Wednesday through Friday.
Switch to Black History 365 program is part of a broader reexamination of social studies materials
The legislation is one part of a strategy to alleviate a growing teacher shortage in many districts
Reading lists should reflect many different people and experiences.
Even as Michigan’s state revenues reach record highs, officials appear poised to let the program expire.
The legislation is expected to pass out of the Republican-controlled legislature, but faces likely opposition from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.
Chronic absenteeism and academic failure have prompted the Detroit school district to tighten enrollment standards for the coming school year.
A Chalkbeat story editor looks back at the impact of his years at Public School 24 in Flushing, New York.
The district appears to be doing much of what experts say is critical to the success of such programs. But can it be sustained?
Road gets more challenging for initiative to award tax credits for scholarships to private school
Tuesday’s temperatures approached 90 degrees, prompting district officials to dismiss schools hours early as a majority of school buildings lack air conditioning.
Skeptics worry Duggan’s plan could add complexity to an already confusing system
An increase in the number of test-takers and a decrease in schools’ leniency could lead to more retentions.
Vitti recommends against metal detectors for all schools, citing concern about ‘prison type of environment’
Circulators said that the issue would go to a vote, even though it will likely be approved by the legislature without ever appearing on a ballot.