Kimberly Hayes Taylor

Detroit Superintendent Nikolai Vitti surprised parents this week with plans to overhaul one of the city’s elite schools. Starting next year, Bates Academy, a preK-8 school in Northwest Detroit that has long required students to pass an exam to get in, will get a more standardized set of admissions criteria and new
Educators and advocates are warning that too many parents don’t know their children can be held back in third grade if they can’t read, because of a new law.
Billions of dollars originally earmarked for K-12 education, goes to fund the state’s colleges and universities instead, according to new study.
Nearly two thirds of admitted students attend district middle schools, compared to less than half last year.
This special education advocate said parents have to be sure to document everything, and stay calm — no matter what.
These young children are getting the extra boost they need before they start their first day of kindergarten through the Detroit school district’s new program.
The majority of the state’s voters say the way schools are funded needs to change.
Teachers aren’t happy about the approved academic calendar, but they want to do what’s best for students.
This Detroiter’s poem deals with how his teachers treated him when they thought he had ADHD or autism.
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