More than 60% of Michigan’s teaching workforce is over the age of 40, and the pipeline of new candidates is running low.
During her tenure as Detroit deputy superintendent, Iranetta Wright oversaw the daily operations of the district’s 107 schools, including managing principals, counseling services, discipline, public safety, and athletics.
Michigan’s pupil accounting rules allow six school closures per year known as “forgiven days.” They’re most often used for snow, but with staff shortages, COVID-outbreaks, and threats of school violence, districts are draining their pool of forgiven days.
Vaccines and testing reduce the spread of COVID, which is disrupting student learning and families’ lives.
Some districts have asked for community priorities and promised to keep the public informed about spending. Other districts have put in less effort.
Johannesburg-Lewiston schools shut for a week due to pandemic issues. Such closures jeopardize state funding.
After a school year in which few security guards were needed, the Detroit school district is looking to boost pay and host job fairs to recruit more applicants.
The Detroit school board approved a comprehensive restructuring plan during its Wednesday monthly meeting.
Superintendent Nikolai Vitti said the school won’t be affected in the long run by Monge’s departure.
A growing number of studies suggest that students are more likely to attend school, pay attention in class, and sleep more if school starts later.
If successful, Michigan would be forced to implement literacy reforms and fix the poor conditions in many school buildings in the city.
All of the roughly 50,000 students in the district will receive a weekly lesson on 10 virtues including “respect,” “compassion,” and “self-control.”
The Detroit school district has installed more than 500 water hydration stations to ensure students drink water free of high levels of lead or copper.
The Detroit district has set ambitious goals to hold themselves accountable to the coming year.
Detroit’s main school district approved a plan to begin hiring their own full-time security guards with the hopes of improving school culture.
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