Michigan education policy

Some Democratic backers of the repeal say the provision in the 2016 literacy law has been a threat hanging over the heads of struggling students.
The state board of education responded Tuesday to a new conservative group’s concerns over ‘hyper-sexualization’ in schools
Investments are welcome news for a city working to recover from generations of disinvestment.
It’s Whitmer’s fifth state budget but the first she presented to a Legislature controlled by her own party.
Early childhood advocates have said Michigan must address teacher shortages if the state’s preschool program is expanded to all 4-year-olds.
Plan to be released on Wednesday will stress tutoring, literacy, and preschool.
Labor leaders say they want to be prepared if Supreme Court changes its mind about dues requirements for public employees.
Tutoring and preschool, not holding kids back, will help address Michigan’s literacy struggles, state superintendent tells lawmakers.
During Wednesday’s State of the State address, Whitmer is expected to ask for supplemental funding for individualized instruction.
Dayna Polehanki, Matt Koleszar, Darrin Camilleri, and Regina Weiss will lead legislative panels that control education policy and education funding
The Education Trust-Midwest report offers recommendations for improving academic performance in Michigan schools
The proposal doesn’t have a clear political path after Democrats won full control of the state legislature in November
Plans would go beyond task force’s recommendations, which center on mental health and building security
The judge’s ruling only applies to the Rochester school district case, but some worry it could be used more broadly to shield the public from records produced by lower-level government employees.
Some discover too late that their school work didn’t count toward a diploma
Democrats, who will soon control the legislature, could revise or repeal the Read by Grade 3 law
Expect no flurry of education bills as the GOP majority’s time runs out
The sweep in Tuesday’s election means Democrats will maintain a strong majority on the board
Did Dixon say kids can’t get COVID? Are children failing reading under Whitmer’s watch? As Election Day approaches, Chalkbeat looks into the candidates’ claims about each other.
More than 75% of Michigan students headed to in-state colleges and universities will be eligible
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