Michigan Legislature

The 2022-23 school year officially begins Tuesday across the state
Students will learn the history of federally run Indian boarding schools that once tried to erase Indigenous culture
Supporters say the program would empower parents, but critics say the scholarships could undermine traditional public schools
Educators say TRAILS program will help students recover from pandemic-related disruptions.
Lawmakers also consider subsidizing tuition for education majors who agree to stay in Michigan
The legislation is one part of a strategy to alleviate a growing teacher shortage in many districts
The legislation is expected to pass out of the Republican-controlled legislature, but faces likely opposition from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.
Critics worry about technical education crowding out cultural studies
The measure would require districts receiving state aid to prohibit boys from competing on girls’ sports teams.
Lawmakers propose waivers on third-grade reading law, teacher evaluation formula
Results of Michigan tests can influence college admissions, teacher evaluations, and whether third graders are promoted.
Michigan House lawmakers want schools to have health centers, lockdown kits, updated active-shooter drills, and more.
Supporters say the essay doesn’t measure students’ abilities and that including scores on transcripts could negatively affect admissions considerations at test-optional colleges.
The legislation would reduce the current one-year wait time and eliminate financial penalties for earning too much.
Advocates: There is a waiting list of 150 school districts that need funding to create school-based health centers
Hundreds of millions of dollars in state funding are at stake, including an estimated $40 million per year for schools.
The legislation would require teachers to publicly post lesson plans and other materials online by the first day of the school year.
Detroit superintendent says funding is helpful but the real problem is a testing shortage.
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer wants to use a budget surplus and COVID relief money to help schools recover from the pandemic.
Critics say it would siphon money from public schools and violate the state constitution.
Legislation introduced by conservative politicians concerned about how schools teach about race
Lawmaker proposes putting uncertified college students in classrooms to alleviate a crippling teacher shortage.
Secretaries, bus drivers, and cafeteria workers could soon teach classes even if they don’t have a single college credit.
Johannesburg-Lewiston schools shut for a week due to pandemic issues. Such closures jeopardize state funding.
School choice advocates, anticipating the veto from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, have started a petition drive to circumvent her
Critical race theory debate turned contentious as Michigan’s GOP-led House voted to ban race or gender stereotyping in curriculum. The Democrats refused to vote.
With enough signatures, the controversial Opportunity Scholarship program can become law over Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s objections.
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