Rise & Shine: Roaring Fork district among those affected by Pearson data breach

Good morning.

Hope you enjoyed the long weekend. We have lots of news today that you probably missed Friday evening. The Denver school district for instance, released details about this year's new teachers, showing that the new hires this year are not as diverse as last year. Also, Friday was the deadline for school board candidates to submit signatures to try to run for a seat in this year's election. Some school districts have certified their candidates, and others still are verifying those signatures. Details below.

P.S. If you're interested in the discussion about the Aurora superintendent's proposed contract renewal, the discussion is happening tonight at a public meeting.

— Yesenia Robles, reporter

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DIVERSITY The percentage of new teachers of color hired by Denver schools this year is lower than last year, when the district recruited its most diverse group of new teachers ever. Chalkbeat

ELECTION 2019 Friday was the deadline for school board hopefuls to file paperwork and submit signatures to get on the ballot. Nine candidates are running for three open seats on the Denver school board — including one latecomer who entered the race just this month. Chalkbeat

Five people are running for three spots on the seven-member board for the Aurora school district including some former board members. Chalkbeat
With two open seats on Jeffco’s five-member board, that majority is not at stake, but voters will have the opportunity to choose among four candidates offering new points of view. Chalkbeat
In the two days before the deadline, seven people submitted paperwork seeking one of four open seats on the Adams 14 school board, helping oversee the work of the private company managing the district. Chalkbeat

DATA The Roaring Fork school district was advised of a data breach in July, after database contract provider Pearson turned up an unauthorized access into an older database platform that had occurred back in March. Post Independent

SCHOOL FUNDING K-12 funding in Colorado is at an all-time high, but still more than one-third of students entering higher education are ill-prepared, and teacher turnover is lower than in other professions. Those are among the findings in a study released last week. Gazette