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Special alert: Delta Prep suddenly shut its doors in September. Here’s what went wrong

There’s been a lot of talk in Detroit about the abrupt closure of a charter high school, which sent families scrambling to find a new school three weeks after the school year started.

But while the timing came as a shock, there was nothing sudden about what happened to Detroit Delta Preparatory Academy for Social Justice.

The story we published today follows a trail of mistakes and missed opportunities all the way back to the school’s early days as the brainchild of some of the city’s most driven women. It finds that Delta Prep was set up to fail by a system that allowed schools to open and close with little justification.

Read it here: ‘If we don’t learn from this one, shame on us’: Lessons from a Detroit charter school that was set up to fail

— Koby Levin, reporter

[caption id="attachment_189917" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] On the day the board voted to close Delta Prep, the lawn outside the school was littered with recruitment signs.[/caption]