Rise & Shine: How Indiana’s A-F rules created a two-tiered system that benefits innovation schools

8 things you need to know about Indiana education

ALL GRADES AREN’T CREATED EQUAL: Turns out, state A-F grades aren’t as simple as lawmakers intended. Grades released last week sparked conversations about Indiana’s two-tiered system for measuring schools, which benefits innovation and new schools. Read more from Chalkbeat and WFYI.

COUNSELING: More than 50 schools and districts across the state have received grants to beef up their counseling programs. Find out who the winners are from Chalkbeat.

NOT SO FAST: Indiana was set to move forward with a creator for the ILEARN test, but a losing bidder called on the state to re-think the deal, pointing to a possible conflict of interest. Read more from Chalkbeat.

GRADUATION: An Indiana committee that is rethinking graduation requirements has released a draft plan — and things are looking a bit complicated. Read more about what they’re proposing for high schoolers from Chalkbeat, WFYI and the IndyStar.

DOUBLE DUTY: Indianapolis Public Schools is set to turn Arlington High School into a middle school in 2018, but it will continue to serve high-schoolers at night. Read more from the Indianapolis Recorder.

CASH-STRAPPED: Early enrollment numbers show Gary Public Schools’ enrollment has shrunk, which means its coffers have, too. That could spell trouble as the district, overseen by a state-appointed emergency manager, tries to lift itself out of debt. Read more from the NWI Times.

ON LEAVE: The superintendent of Carmel Schools was suddenly placed on administrative leave this week, but no reason for the action has been given. Read more from the IndyStar and WFYI.

TEACHER SHORTAGE: Indiana has long been discussing how to find more teachers and keep them in the classroom — but a new teaching scholarship created as one strategy is missing the mark in some key areas. Read more from the IndyStar.