In April, New York City students will sit down to state tests that are tied for the first time to the tougher Common Core learning standards. Last fall, we convened city educators to discuss their transition to the new standards in English language arts. Now, we want to continue that conversation about math.

On April 9, please join us — and the New America Foundation — for a conversation with city educators about the challenges, opportunities, and unanswered questions about shifting to the new standards, which ask students to flex math muscles that many have rarely been asked to use.

The conversation is set for Tuesday, April 9, 6:30-8:15 p.m. at the Soho offices of New America NYC. As at all of our events, we’ll serve wine and cheese alongside an honest conversation about students’ and teachers’ instructional experiences. Registration is required.

Among the topics we’ll discuss: changes in the distribution of standards across grades; the special challenges that the standards present for struggling students and high-need students; whether the standards in math are the right ones; and the difficulty of preparing for exams that no one has ever seen before. Have other issues you’d like to hear discussed? Suggest them in the comments section.