Rise & Shine: A new principal for Stuyvesant High School and a rumored pick for Boys and Girls High

STUY GUY Eric Contreras, a former teacher and current executive director of social studies for the Department of Education, will be named principal of Stuyvesant High School. Wall Street Journal

PREPARING TO PICK Boys and Girls High School in Bedford-Stuyvesant will soon get a new principal, but the city’s rumored top choice isn’t the one backed by staffers and alumni. Chalkbeat

PRINCIPAL TRUMP Local educators remember when the Republican presidential nominee played “Principal for a Day” at P.S. 70 in the South Bronx. The 74, New York Daily News

STARK STATS Only 2 percent of the students arrested in the first quarter of 2016 were white, according to stats released last week by the NYPD. Patch, Chalkbeat

The  figures also reveal that metal detectors are making some schools safer. New York Post

TALKING ABOUT RACE Public schools are bringing conversations about “white privilege” into the classroom. New York Post

RUN-DOWN SCHOOLS A new study found a link between dilapidated New York City schools and poor student performance. Patch

PASSING GRADE The principal of Hillcrest High School in Queens gave 172 students credit for online courses without teachers, school staffers allege. New York Post

SECRET SANTA A secretary at P.S. 91 in Brooklyn added her own grandson and other non-students to a list of students in need of Christmas gifts,  according to the Special Commissioner of Investigation for city schools. New York Post

DIPLOMAS FOR SALE A Bronx man was nabbed for allegedly trying to sell diplomas on Craigslist for $350 a pop. New York Post

COMMON CORE CRITIQUE Editorial: Diane Ravitch, a former assistant secretary of education, says standardized tests aren’t the way to help students. New York Times

CHARTER WARS Editorial: Former New York principal Carol Burris explains why charter schools are so controversial. Washington Post