Those hoping to provide feedback on New York’s draft learning standards were just granted a little more time.

Facing what they called high demand to review the state’s proposed changes to the Common Core, officials extended the comment deadline until Nov. 14. Previously, the deadline to critique the standards — which were released at the end of September — was Nov. 4.

So far, the state has gotten more than 1,200 responses to individual standards. Demand to comment remains somewhat higher in English, with 635 responses so far on English standards and 570 on math standards.

Several groups have already responded favorably to the state’s proposed changes, including the state teachers union, which called them a “good step.” High Achievement New York, a group that supports high standards, also praised the changes and argued the “vast majority” of standards remained in place.

But some, like United Federation of Teachers president Michael Mulgrew, have been critical of the state’s revisions. Mulgrew questioned whether the state’s proposal does enough to help English learners and New York’s youngest students.

You can comment on the standards here.