New York City’s latest contract with the teachers union could give schools an invaluable resource: more time. Chalkbeat wants to know what your school should do with it.

Along with pay boosts and an emphasis on Bronx schools, the contract approved this week also significantly cuts back how often teachers need to be observed under the city’s evaluation system. Top-rated teachers will receive only two classroom visits — down from three or four. For new teachers or those with low marks, observations are cut from a high of six to a low of three.

We know that teacher evaluations have done more than stoke controversy across the country — they’ve also dramatically reshaped the jobs of administrators. Research has shown — and you have told us — that the time and paperwork required can be feel all-consuming.

“We’re better off spending more time with the teachers who need our help than with the teachers who are doing a bang up job,” said Mark Cannizzaro, president of the union that represents school administrators. “To say time is at a premium for our members is an understatement.”

We want to know how the contract changes may affect classrooms. Tell us by answering our survey. We may use your responses in our reporting.