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In debate with Molinaro, Cuomo promises ‘lovey-dovey’ de Blasio ties and support for New York charter schools

In an otherwise pugnacious debate with GOP opponent Marc Molinaro, Governor Cuomo didn’t touch much on education issues, but he and Molinaro both pledged support for school choice and the state’s charter sector. Cuomo also promised to patch up his strained relationship with Mayor Bill de Blasio by insisting the two men will sit down and "break bread" by sharing "a bottle of wine” and having "a plate of pasta” and emerge “lovey-dovey.” 

In the wake of reports that the Trump Administration could drastically narrow the definition of gender based on a person’s biology at birth — a move that could have a big impact on how schools handle sex-descrimination complaints — Christina spoke to a  social worker with the city’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center. He offered advice on how to address the questions and fears transgender students may be having and to provide them with greater support.

A report from Chalkbeat’s national desk looks at new research that shows that teachers who leave schools mid-year hurt students, and that the turnover may be more prevalent than we think, especially in schools that serve more students of color and those whose families are low-income.

Finally, the singer-songwriter, actor and enterpreneur Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has donated $1 million to a small charter network, Capital Preparatory Schools, which plans to open a new campus in the Bronx in 2019. That's a wrap.

— Sara, New York bureau chief

SUPPORTIVE A social worker from New York City’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center offers tips on how city educators and classmates can support transgender students after reports that the Trump Administration is considering narrowly defining gender based on a person’s biology at birth — a move that could have implications for how sex discrimination complaints in schools are handled. Chalkbeat

SHIELDED Legal experts and transgender-rights activists say they are responding to the Trump announcement on gender definitions by working to make sure existing protections at the New York State and city level are recognized by residents and are being properly enforced. AM New York

‘LOVEY-DOVEY’ In a debate between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and GOP challenger Marc Molinaro that mostly skirted education issues, Cuomo and Molinaro said they both supported charter schools and school “choice,” and Cuomo said he would sit down with Mayor Bill DeBlasio, with whom he has sometimes differed on school matters, to make sure everything between them was “lovey-dovey.” New York Daily News, CBS Local, The Patch

DON’T BE EVIL Partnering with the National Parent Teacher Association, Google is rolling out a digital citizenship program, which it hopes will reach 5 million classrooms this year, to teach students how to be safe online. But critics are raising concerns about whether the tech giant, which collects users’ personal information and tracks their actions online, is really the best entity to protect children. The New York Times

GETTING THERE Lawmakers in Albany repeatedly questioned State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia on Tuesday about shortcomings in New York’s implementation of a new mental health curriculum, mandated two years ago, in the state’s public schools. Albany Times Union

SCHOOL DADDY The rapper, actor and entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs has pledged one million dollars to Capital Preparatory Schools, a network of charter schools, which is set to open a new campus in the Bronx in 2019. Variety, The Source

CHURNED UP New research shows that the cost to students of their teachers leaving mid-year is steep and that such turnover may be more common than once thought, especially in schools serving more students of color and those from low-income families. Chalkbeat

CITY SHAPER The traditions of public education, especially high schools, helped shaped American cities, a legacy that school choice could unwind. The Atlantic

OPINION A New York City ESL teacher and UFT chapter leader explains the trade-offs in the proposed teacher contract, especially how it reduces the number of teacher evaluations annually, and why he thinks it’s a good deal for teachers. CityLimits