Rise & Shine: Here’s why charter operators want to skirt teacher certification requirements

TEACHING TEACHERS Under regulations proposed by SUNY, charter schools could sidestep traditional teacher certification requirements — a move criticized by labor unions and state officials. But some of New York City’s charter operators say the training programs they offer are better than current requirements and would include lots of hands-on experience.  Chalkbeat

VOUCHER VOID Thousands of students with disabilities are not receiving therapies they’re entitled to due to a city voucher program that leaves many students in poor neighborhoods without key services. Chalkbeat, New York Daily News, New York Post, NY 1, Staten Island Advance

MAKING NICE A group of charter leaders praised Mayor Bill de Blasio’s recent charter school deal, a potential sign of eased tension. Chalkbeat

Editorial: There may be signs of détente now, but the real test will be whether de Blasio actually shifts his stance toward charter schools in the long run. New York Post

TRANSIT TROUBLE Opinion: Subway failures can have a huge impact on students — especially during the high school admissions process — according to Eli Frankel,  a rising senior at Bard High School Early College in Manhattan. New York Daily News

BEAT THE HEAT Here’s how New York City kids are staying cool this summer. WNYC

CHEAT SHEET As the Trump administration has promised a big expansion of private school choice programs, Chalkbeat combed through the most rigorous research on school vouchers. Chalkbeat