Teacher turnover

Shortening teacher preparation programs will save MSU students $16,700 in tuition and get them into teaching jobs faster.
The 2022-23 school year officially begins Tuesday across the state
Programs fast-track training, but some worry that they risk shortchanging students
Giving high school students an early look at what it would be like to be at the front of the room — ‘warts and all’
More than 60% of Michigan’s teaching workforce is over the age of 40, and the pipeline of new candidates is running low.
Lawmaker proposes putting uncertified college students in classrooms to alleviate a crippling teacher shortage.
Secretaries, bus drivers, and cafeteria workers could soon teach classes even if they don’t have a single college credit.
A teacher shortage in the state’s public schools has grown worse during the pandemic. State Supt. Michael Rice wants to make it easier to certify teachers while providing financial incentives to get more young people into the profession.
Cara Lougheed, Michigan’s 2019-20 Teacher of the Year, says educators faced disrespect and other challenges amid the coronavirus. But there is a way forward.
Brittany Perreault is a senior in Michigan State University’s College of Education. Here’s what she says can be done to support future teachers.
Tavia Redmond, a third-grade teacher, says educators need more resources and time to help students deal with trauma, especially after the coronavirus pandemic.
When Chalkbeat obtained a trove of data about the teacher workforce in Michigan, we saw an opportunity to tell the stories of the humans behind the numbers.
Michigan has a teacher turnover problem that affects the education landscape for some students. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some solutions.
Katharine Strunk, a Michigan State University researcher, has studied the teacher labor market in Michigan. Here’s what she says can increase retention.
The coronavirus pandemic has prompted more Michigan teachers to retire, stirring fears of an exodus schools will struggle to deal with.
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